Getting Out Once You’re Stuck

So you’ve done all the pre-adventure preparation covering your checklist and now you’re out and having a great time. Getting stuck is the last thing on your mind on this trip. Hopefully your Traction Jack’s are packed with your gear because they’re extremely effective WHEN used properly.

Let’s jump right in and start with, what happens when you first get stuck? Everyone has their own experiences, methods, and techniques to get them out of a tough situation. We’ve compiled a step by step list to help you ensure that you are increasing your odds of getting out safely and only being stuck for a short time.



  • The first thing to remember is to not dig yourself deeper than you already have. Contrary to popular belief, once the tires start spinning you’re usually stuck.
  • When you feel your tires spinning, STOP pressing the gas pedal
  • Place the vehicle in park and engage the emergency brake for some stability
  • Make sure everyone in your vehicle is safe and understands the situation
    Police Jeep Stuck
    Soft sand is notorious for making recovery difficult. Use all your tools effectively to make it quicker and easier.


  • Carefully exit your vehicle and assess the severity of the situation
  • Check for any vehicle damage that can make it unsafe to get unstuck
    • Things to look for: broken driveshaft, flat tires, leaking fluids, wedged rocks, broken suspension components, broken steering components, etc.)
  • Make a decision on whether you can handle the situation or you must call for help
    • Unless you are 100% sure it will be a quick recovery, it’s best to call for help to get someone on their way while you begin the recovery procedure. It’s easier to turn someone around rather than wait for extended periods of time for them to find you.
  • If it is late in the day it is a good idea to find some materials for making a small fire. The thought behind this is that it’ll be easier to find you, it’ll provide light, and it’ll keep unwanted visitors/predators away.


  • If you have your Traction Jacks with you, follow our step by step instructions that come with the kit. Using the proper steps, you should be out in a matter of minutes.
    • Clear any and all debris (sand, snow, mud, rocks, twigs, clay, etc.) away from the tires in the direction you plan on driving out.
    • IT’S CRUCIAL to clear a FLAT path in front of the tire. This means more digging and getting enough ground out from under the tire to slip the Traction Jack under the tire with good contact to the tire.
    • If you don’t clear a flat path the device will not be as effective!
    • Sometimes it is a great idea to AIR DOWN to about 5 – 10 psi. (ONLY exercise this step if you are carrying an air compressor or have another way to refill your tires in the vicinity). Airing down will increase the surface area of your tread and essentially make the vehicle float on the ground lightly.
  • Did you forget to bring your Traction Jack kit with you? Or have you not purchased one yet? Prepare yourself for any emergency you may encounter and Click here now!


  • The first order of business is to get everyone outside of the vehicle and either a safe distance away or helping assist with the recovery.
    • ALWAYS watch out for flying debris!
  • Stay calm and figure your next best method of  getting unstuck
    • If it is late in the day, make sure you prepare to light up your area with flashlights and fire material.
  • You need to start scavenging around to find things that you can use to get traction.
    • This might be trash, wooden boards, logs, jagged rocks, etc.
    • Be careful because rocks can shoot out from under the tire and some items might damage your vehicle
  • You’re going to have to repeat the same steps as if you had your Traction Jacks but it is much more dangerous and unreliable to get out using the terrain around you.
  • Hopefully you’ll have enough useful material around you to get out or help will arrive in a timely manner.


Stuck Jeep

When you get stuck, you have to decide if its best to back out or drive forward


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