Our company has more history than you may think. Since the birth of the brand in July of 2009 we have made numerous improvements to deliver the best gear possible!


 Have a look at a timeline of events below from 2009 to present day:



*The story behind the idea for Traction Jack was born in the summer of 2009 simply because the company’s founder did not own a 4×4 vehicle but wanted to keep up with the Jeeps in the sand; the only problem was, getting stuck of course. After learning about business from scratch and taking the right steps, Traction Jack, LLC as we are today was started.*

The Evolution of GENERATION 1 – GENERATION 6 (right to left)


Most assume that Traction Jack has only been around for a year or two when in reality we have been researching and developing a top-notch product for the last 8 years before even taking it to market in 2014. We spoke to our customers, we partnered with various test groups and agencies, and we also changed materials three times. It all came from the need for a more affordable, more practical, and lighter alternative.



Now our Traction Jack kits are being used in the off-road market, the commercial/fleet market, with state and federal government agencies, and even regular passenger vehicles. We’re proud to represent all of our Traction Jack Recovery Team members who all make the growth of this brand feasible!