Our company sells folding gear to get your car or truck unstuck quickly. They work in sand, snow, and mud if you get stuck. Traction Jack, LLC stands out in the market place by providing four key benefits:

If your vehicle gets stuck and you happen to have phone signal to call a tow truck, think about the cost of that tow truck. It can be anywhere in the neighborhood of $250 – $400 for one time. Traction Jack is like insurance for your adventures which you can continue using over and over again. Click Here to see what we’ve got!

We offer a lifetime manufacture warranty on general parts and a 1-year 1-time FREE replacement warranty in case you accidentally break the product during use within our parameters; this includes spinning the wheels and snapping or cracking the plates on a soft surface/rut. We understand accidents happen! (Assembled in Texas; NOT China)

Traction Jack: designed for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, and heavy duty work trucks. Only 26 inches long for storage and 52 full inches of traction when needed. Toyota Camry, Mini Cooper? What about an overland rig or full sized truck? Can be used for many different applications/situations.                                                             

Use Traction Jack with vehicles as small as ATV’s and all the way up to fully loaded commercial-trucks (35,000 lbs gross vehicle weight on soft terrain). With our warranty, our extensive strength tests, and the price point to back you up, you have nothing to lose!


Traction Jack is for situations like these!


 Easier to store but still longer than the competition!

(Pictured Left: Yellow competitor) (Pictured Right: Traction Jack in Tactical Black)


The spike pattern on Traction Jack makes it easy to recover your stuck vehicle and the design will not shred up your vehicles tires!

(Pictured Left: OPENED Classic Orange/Yellow Traction Jack next to solid orange competitor)

(Pictured Right: FOLDED Classic Orange/Yellow Traction Jack next to solid orange competitor)